the amazon basin
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Welcome to Whether you are planning a trip to Amazonia or simply want to know more about this spectacular part of the world this site will be a great resource.

Find out about the geography and climate of the area, the many species of wildlife and details of travelling to and around the region

The Amazon River

The Amazon Basin is a spectacular landscape. It covers an area of 2.5 million square miles - almost the size of Europe - and spans several countries in South America including Brazil and Peru.

It contains the world's largest tropical rainforest which represents 54% of all remaining rainforest on the planet. The lifeline of the region is the Amazon River. At 6,500 km (4,060 miles) in length it is second only to the Nile. More geography >>

There is an abundance of wildlife - many hundreds of plant and animal species. Millions of species remain undiscovered to this day. Learn more >>

The area is sparsely populated but the increase in Eco-Tourism in recent years has made remote and dramatic locations more accessible to the adventurous traveller. To discover more about travelling in the Amazon Basin, see the travel page >>

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